During my four years at Penn State, I have had numerous performance opportunities to develop and grow as a musician.  As a member of the percussion studio, I took four years of private percussion lessons under Dan C. Armstrong, Percussion Professor, as well as Gifford Howarth (Adjunct Professor).  To complement these lessons, I also participated in Percussion Ensemble and Mallet Ensemble.  To expand my performance horizons as a musician, I also was a member of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Combo, Marching Blue Band, and Men's Glee Club.  Participation in all of these ensembles helped me develop a sense of well-roundedness in terms of performance idioms. 

Here are a couple videos from my Senior Recital. 
The first clip is of my xylophone solo and mallet ensemble accompaniment to
George Hamilton Green's Log Cabin Blues.

Pezza de Concerto No. 1 op. 15

Conducting Clips from Band Settings During Student Teaching

The first clip is "American Flourish" by Robert W. Smith during our March "Let Freedom Ring" Pops Concert.

This next clip is a run-through of Claude T. Smith's Eternal Father Strong to Save during rehearsal.