Student Teaching- Spring 2010: A True K-12 Experience 
"Children Are Our Future"


Elementary General/Choral Placement  (January 4, 2010- February 19, 2010)

Sinking Springs Elementary
Co-op: Mrs. Jill Beck
For the first six weeks of my student teaching, I was placed in elementary general music/choir at Sinking Springs Elementary- which consists of students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade. The class schedule rotates through a 6-day cycle, and I worked with all three grade levels- so I worked with quite a few students!  On day 6, my co-op goes to Hayshire Elementary School, which is K-3rd grade.  Activites and lessons that both myself and my co-op utilized throughout my time at the elementary level included listening, singing, playing keyboards, playing percussion instruments (including boomwhackers!), using keynote presentations, and more! I also assisted in running 5th grade and 6th grade choral rehearsals and sectionals.

Middle School Band Placement (February 22, 2010 - May 15, 2010)

Central York Middle School
Co-op: Mr. Richard Worley
CASE STUDY - While I was at my middle school placement, I completed a case study on a student.  If you would be interested in seeing my case study report, please feel free to contact me!
As an instrumental emphasis, I split time between both the Central York High School and the Central York Middle School.  I was at the high school in the morning and the middle school in the afternoon. 
While at the middle school, I worked with students in sectionals/lessons, conducted and rehearsed a piece with Symphonic Band and one with Wind Ensemble (implementing my lesson plans and assessing/documenting progress from rehearsal to rehearsal), played secondary instruments during rehearsal when I wasn't conducting, and assisted with after-school rehearsals, including the Fife and Drum Corps, Chamber Ensembles, and Jazz Band (the latter of which I had three charts I rehearsed with the ensemble).

High School Band Placement (February 22, 2010 - May 15, 2010)

Central York High School
Co-op: Mr. James Martini 

While at the high school, I selected, rehearsed, conducted, developed lesson plans for, and assessed student progress on a piece of repertoire for Concert Band and a piece of repertoire for Symphonic Band.  I also helped to select repertoire for and run rehearsals with two percussion ensembles.  Leading some portions of rehearsals and sectionals for both jazz ensembles on Wednesday evenings was another unique aspect to this experience, as was observing and helping students in the music technology course offered each block. 

Sample Lesson Plans from Elementary General Music Placement
3rd Grade Lesson - Recorders/Pentatonic Scale

4th Grade Lesson- Tempo/Listening/Composing

5th Grade Lesson- Listening/Singing/Percussion Ensemble

Pieces of Repertoire I Rehearsed and Conducted (Emphasis)
Secondary Band - Emphasis

High School Concert Band: English Folk Song Suite STUDY GUIDE   (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
High School Symphonic Band: Eternal Father, Strong to Save UNIT PLAN  (Claude T. Smith)
Middle School Band
Middle School Symphonic Band: Whale Warriors (Brian Balmages) SAMPLE LESSON PLAN
Middle School Wind Ensemble: Into the Storm (Robert W. Smith) SAMPLE LESSON PLAN
Examples of Student Work, Handouts Utilized in Lessons, and Rehearsal Planning Sketches
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